My name is Antonio Biella, I was born in Rome on April 15, 1970. When I was nine, my parents and I moved to Sicily, their homeland. Since I was a child, Iíve always been drawing, with my parents' approval. At the end of middle school I attended a vocational school in mechanics and began to study arts in depth by myself.
Once again I've been living in Rome, for two years, where I had comics lessons and did military service; then I went back to Sicily where I practiced drawing with more determination.
I love comics so much that I created some stories: in 1993 I realized "Skittle and Meatball", a series about two strange gosling looking boys, in which I described the simple daily life of provincial teenagers. In these stories I put the memories of a free and careless childhood spent with my grandparents, during summertime. In that small mountain village my friends and I used to herd the cows to pasture every day and in the evening we played in the streets.
Between 1994 and 1996, due to my love for music, I cooperated with "Ver Sacrum", a gothic magazine, and with "Old Europa Café", a record company specialized in industrial and ambient music, creating covers for some of their productions. In 1997 I created a small publishing house, B.G.A. Comix, and I published a collection bearing the same title, made of eleven monographic books, each dedicated to a young
Antonio Biella
Italian or foreign comics author, and in the same year I began to cooperate with the Belgian magazine "Secret" and the German "Schlagzeilen".
Between 1997 and 1998 some of my comics were published on "Fagorgo" and on "Kerosene". In the same two years I sent some of my works at the competition "Pier de Lambicchi" for young comics authors, in Prato, and on both occasions I got a prize. In 2001 I moved to Brescia to work in a factory. Once I reached an economic independence - but left aside for a couple of years my favourite activity - I felt the need to draw again, so I tried the world of illustrations for children. I created many colourful illustrations, which are collected in a personal CD catalogue. Lately Iím finishing some old projects and starting something new: illustrating a tale and approaching fetish themes.